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Meet Our Family

We are a family of piano teachers offering piano classes near you and online! We have been teaching piano lessons since 1963 for an affordable price. We love to help students reach their full potential by developing a strong foundation.

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    Mr. B. Hutt

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    Ms. E. Lukie

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    Ms. M. Hutt

Quotes From Parents & Students:

 I find your lessons are effective, enjoyable and therefore they learn more.

My son has been attending piano lessons with Ms. Lukie for the last 2 years it is both convenient and allows my son to learn in an environment that is both friendly and familiar to him.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful input! 

It's a wonderful experience for us to be in your class. 

Avery felt that the new teacher was extremely patient, kind and very very thorough. She had a great lesson and said that it was nice to have a different approach to teaching.

Dear Ms. Lukie,
Thank you for a very exciting and fun year of piano lessons. I think I learned a whole lot more and I plan on continuing lessons.
Once again, thank you for teaching me. 

Just a short note to tell you how pleased we are with Jennifer's progress and her positive attitude towards learning to play piano.

Ms Hutt - she is wonderful! 

Thank you for another great year of piano lessons. Christopher and Jeremy have learned so much from your family and we are so very grateful.

I have welcomed Mr. Hutt’s piano classes at both Donald Cousens P.S. and Parkland P.S. As the Principal of both schools I monitored the after school program Mr. Hutt and is teachers provided for our students.